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Kim Hyeshin is a student at Gura High and is an aggressive young woman. She was the former two-year Kickboxing champion until Queen defeated her. She is a Gura School second year student, where she is training for a rematch against Queen in the future. 


Kim Hye Shin has wild red hair and matching eye colour. During school, she wears a black open jacket over a white buttoned shirt, with a black square end tie loosely worn around the collar, and a short black slitted skirt. She can be seen wearing a green track suit during her training at the Kickboxing Club. During fights, Hye Shin wears a pale blue sports bra and black capri leggings.


Kim Hye Shin was Kickboxing champion prior to her defeat in the hands of Queen and has shown to be a strong contender in the Wild's League. This was confirmed by Jae Gu, who sparred with her, and realized that Moon Young Lee and Dal Dal Choi, will not be able to defeat her easily. She is well-rounded when it comes to speed and power, being faster than Moon Young Lee  but more powerful than Dal Dal. Conversely, Moon Young has greater power, while Dal Dal has more speed.